February 15, 2023

Rachel Finds the Perfect Program

An individual we serve was connected to day programming that matches her personal goals and needs.

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The Williams family struggled for months to find the right day program for their daughter, Rachel. After finishing high school, Rachel needed services that fit her personal needs. Many programs were unable to accommodate her, but the family kept searching.

Within a month of working with Eileen Burns, a Care Coordinator at Person Centered Services, Rachel enrolled in the perfect program. It offers smaller classes and more individualized support. Because of Eileen’s advocacy, the family’s case was prioritized.

“We could not be happier with the assistance we received from Eileen in establishing our daughter in a day program and with help in our home,” says Kerri Williams, Rachel’s mother. “Eileen went above and beyond every step of the way.”

Rachel is thrilled to start her new program, which will feature a variety of hands-on activities and community outings, including visits to parks and shops. Because of Eileen’s support, Rachel is starting her next chapter sooner than her family thought possible.

“Rachel brings joy to our lives every day,” says Kerri. “We’re so excited to see what’s in store for her!”