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People with eligible diagnoses are encouraged to enroll in Care Coordination!

Scroll down to learn more about the eligibility process and how we can help you reach your goals.


Care Coordinators connect people to resources and opportunities in their communities including housing, employment, health care, respite programs, and day habilitation.

We can help people become eligible for Care Coordination through the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) and register them for Medicaid. Our team will work with you to obtain the documents and information they need to apply.

Requirements for Eligibility

-Eligible conditions include intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, neurological impairments, familial dysautonomia, and Prader-Willi syndrome.

-Individuals must have a condition that is expected to be permanent and affects daily life.

-An eligible condition must have been diagnosed before age 22.

You can begin enrollment today by calling the Intake Department at 1-855-208-3533 or reaching out by e-mail to intake@personcenteredservices.com.

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Understanding Intake

Watch this helpful video to gain insight into each step of the Intake process at Person Centered Services.


Intake Process Summary

Here is a summary of the steps described in our Intake video.

Step 1:

A person/guardian/support professional contacts our Intake Department at (855) 208-3533.

Step 2:

A Person Centered Services team member conducts a phone screening with questions about disability, demographics, Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) status and service history.

If you are planning to seek services with OPWDD, one of the first steps to this process is to reach out and contact the Front Door. You can call 866-946-9733 and ask the operator to transfer you to your local Front Door Office by mentioning which county you live in.

Click here to watch a series of videos explaining the OPWDD Front Door process.

Step 3:

A packet that includes privacy notices and consents is mailed to you along with a postage-paid return envelope.

Step 4:

Once a completed intake packet is received, an Intake Specialist works with you to obtain eligibility for OPWDD services and Medicaid.

Step 5:

An eligible person is matched with a Care Coordinator.


Frequently Asked Questions About Enrollment

How do I get started with Care Coordination?

Contact our Intake Department at 1-855-208-3533 to begin the process.  A Person Centered Services Team Member will conduct an initial on-phone screening.

What should I expect during the Enrollment process?

An Intake Specialist will work with you to obtain the necessary documents needed to apply for OPWDD eligibility, assist with obtaining Medicaid if needed, and applying for Care Coordination. There will be various forms that will require signatures for enrollment to take place. You should expect frequent communication with your Intake Specialist on updates and progress regarding eligibility.

What can my Intake Specialist do for me?

Your Intake Specialist will help you with OPWDD eligibility, Medicaid, and enrolling in Care Coordination.  While in the Intake process they will also be able to assist you in other areas such as linkage to Family Supports and Services, Family Reimbursement and various resources within your community that may be available to you.

How long does it take to obtain eligibility?

The amount of time it takes to obtain eligibility will vary by each individual case depending on what records are available, what needs to be obtained and what the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) is requesting.

What is the process for obtaining Medicaid? How long does it take?

Once eligibility is approved you can apply for Medicaid, if it is not already in place. Your Intake Specialist will guide you through the next steps of this process.


The Medicaid process varies from county to county. Your Intake Specialist will assist you in applying, which includes filling out forms, gathering requested documents, and submitting to the Department of Social Services in the appropriate county for which you live. Generally, the time frame for approval is at least 3 months from the time the application is submitted, but it can take longer in some cases.


When determining eligibility for children who are certified blind or disabled under the age of 18 years, districts must disregard parental income and resources and compare only the child’s income and resources to the Medicaid eligibility level.

Will I be able to keep current medical providers and current health insurance?

Medicaid is required for most OPWDD services. To determine if your medical providers accept Medicaid, please contact them directly. Once you are enrolled, your Care Coordinator can assist you if your provider does not accept Medicaid. In some cases, participants are able to keep private insurance, as well.

What if I need supports now, while in the Intake process? Is there anything available to me?

There may be resources available in your local community. Your Intake Specialist can assist in researching services.

Do I need to have an attorney?

No, an attorney is not needed for OPWDD eligibility and enrollment into Care Coordination. However, if you have circumstances that require legal assistance, such as obtaining a personal needs trust or applying for guardianship, an attorney may be beneficial.

How will I know when I am enrolled?

Once eligibility is obtained, your Intake Specialist will provide you with the enrollment consents to sign and will process your enrollment. Your Intake Specialist will communicate with you regarding the enrollment date.

What if I have other questions or issues?

Please call our Customer Service Department at 1-888-977-7030.

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