Person Centered Services is a Care Coordination Organization serving over 17,000 people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in 18 counties. Care Coordinators work on a "Life Plan" tailored to every one of an individual's needs. We work with dozens of organizations and hundreds of providers, so people can meet all of their goals.

Person Centered Services by the Numbers


People Served

Our Care Coordinators are busy working on Life Plans for over 17,000 individuals, meeting all of their needs.


Counties Served

Our service area includes 18 counties in the western region of New York State, from Buffalo to Rochester and points north and south.


Care Coordinators

At Person Centered Services, Care Coordinators are experienced and skilled. Many are former Agency employees.


Owner Agencies

Person Centered Services is owned by 31 nonprofit Agencies in our region that provide services for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. We are all in this together!