What is Care Coordination?

With over 600 care coordinators across 18 counties, Person Centered Services is positively impacting the lives of thousands of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

But what exactly is care coordination?

As a Care Coordination Organization, or CCO, we provide customized care planning focused on every one of an individual’s health, wellness, behavioral health and safety needs. Until July 1, 2018, Care Coordinators were called Medicaid Services Providers and worked for nonprofit agencies. However, when New York State moved to a new, improved model that allows for conflict-free referrals to programs at any agency, CCOs like Person Centered Services were created. There are seven CCOs in New York State.

Care Coordinator Tim (center) enjoys lunch with Gail and Vicki at the Olean, NY, location of Person Centered Services.

At Person Centered Services, we are committed to helping everyone reach their potential by providing them with a Life Plan tailored specifically to their needs.

Care coordinators take a comprehensive, holistic approach to care management. Using sophisticated health information technology, they create a plan that manages all of an individual’s care in one place, making it possible to ensure that all of their needs are met. Each plan is continuously reviewed to grow with every individual and be adapted as their needs, goals and life circumstances change.

As an organization, Person Centered Services focuses on a variety of health promotion services. Care coordinators assist individuals by coordinating access to medical and dental care, monitoring health and safety needs, managing behavioral health care, arranging appointments, providing referrals to community services, and more.

In addition to providing support for individuals, Person Centered Services also provides family support. Care coordinators promote informed choices by providing a wealth of information for individuals and families about all of the services offered in addition to providing referrals to any community services they may need.

Care coordinators play a vital role in every individual’s life. They work hard while always keeping sight of the mission of Person Centered Services: to provide everyone with the care, support and opportunities that will maximize their quality of life.