Update on Care Coordination – 3/27/20

Coronavirus Update - 3/27/20

To Individuals, Families and Caregivers:

As we all continue to adapt to new ways of living in this time of social distancing and isolation, we know that caring for you and/or your loved one is more important than ever.

At Person Centered Services, these recent days have been a whirlwind of change. There have been changes in how we interact with you and your families, changes in state and federal regulations, and overall temporary changes in how we provide Care Coordination services. With all of this change there is one constant: We are here. We are fully open and running. Our Care Coordinators are focusing mainly on staying connected in order to monitor the health and well-being of you and the 17,000+ people we serve.

As we continue to work inside this new normal, we know how important it is to keep you and/or your loved one in regular touch with a Care Coordinator. By now you should have heard at least once from your Care Coordinator by phone or video conference. Please be advised that in the coming weeks your Care Coordinator will be reaching out to you frequently to monitor how you’re doing during this crisis, to be sure that all is well, and to connect you to any services that might be necessary.

Your Care Coordinator is fully committed to serving you during this crisis. We are very proud of our Care Coordinators, as they are doing an amazing job and working extra hard to be sure that we are here for you.

We have also been working hard to provide a list of updated resources and information that may be of assistance to you and your families during this difficult time. This list, which is being updated continuously and includes our entire 18-county service area, can be found at https://personcenteredservices.com/community-resources-related-to-covid-19.

Please be assured that we are focused on protecting, serving and supporting you while at the same time making sure our employees are safe and healthy. Please feel free to reach out to your Care Coordinator or your health care provider with any questions.

Thank you,

Bridget Bartolone
Chief Executive Officer

Learn more about community resources and information related to COVID-19.