Two Individuals We Support Show Their Talent

Care Coordinator Julie Hamann works with two extraordinary individuals who have been making the most of life during the COVID-19 pandemic! Dan Hoyles and Josh Cobb both have found ways to express themselves and make the world a brighter place.

Dan Hoyles loves to give back to his community. Usually, he helps others by volunteering for Meals on Wheels.

“Community involvement is very important to Dan,” says Julie. “Due to COVID-19, he was not able to deliver for Meals On Wheels. He decided to spend time giving back in another way!”

Lately, Dan has been creating blankets with the assistance of his Self-Directed Community Habilitation staff. He donates the blankets he makes to local hospitals to bring warmth and cheer to those in need!

Josh Cobb has also kept himself busy by attending virtual music classes since the start of the COVID-19. With the help of his instructor at Spectrum Creative Arts in Rochester, Josh prepared a special performance inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven.”

“I make sure Josh is getting everything he wants and needs,” says Julie. “Josh does the rest! He receives Self-Directed Services through OPWDD. Self-Direction allows Josh to be an active participant in his home and community. This includes attending Spectrum Creative Arts. According to Josh’s grandmother, without Self-Directed Services, he would not be where he is today.”

Person Centered Services is grateful to support Josh through Care Coordination as he expresses his talents and skills. Check out this dramatic video of Josh performing: