Seeing a Case to the Finish Line

In 2016, Care Coordinator Shannon Thomas began working with Michael, a man who hoped to become more independent. Michael wanted a job, but needed to develop more life skills to reach this goal. Shannon reviewed different options for him and his family. He agreed to attend counseling to learn skills that helped his growth immensely.

With Shannon’s encouragement, Michael obtained his driver’s license. She helped him move into his own apartment with transition funds and rental subsidy supports. Michael temporarily received CASA (Community Alternative Systems Agency) services to help him maintain a clean home and to teach him daily living skills he soon mastered.

Not long after Michael moved into his new apartment, mold was found in the basement and he needed to leave the place as soon as possible. With Shannon’s speedy support, he was able to utilize emergency moving services with no cost to the family.

Recently, Michael was awarded a full-time permanent position doing recycling for a township. With the new pay, insurance, and benefits that he will be receiving from his job, he no longer requires Care Coordination!

Michael’s mother thanked Shannon for her years of support and for proving wrong those who told her that her son would not go far.

“The family had several Care Coordinators before me, but I was the longest they went with the same Care Coordinator,” says Shannon. “Throughout the years, Michael’s mother would ask me how my work was and if I was okay. She wanted to make sure I was not leaving them! When we found Michael no longer needed Care Coordination, we laughed at how she did not want me to leave, but now they were leaving me!”

We’re proud of Care Coordinators like Shannon who go the extra mile to make sure the people we serve reach their full potential, seeing their cases through to the end!