Rayne Finds a New Home

Rayne wanted to get her own apartment after she was unable to return to college last fall when nursing services there were discontinued. She worked on this big step with her Care Coordinator, Tamara, who searched for a place that suited her needs.

First, Rayne needed two Personal Care aids for the new apartment, roles that were difficult to secure. She also required Community Habilitation and Self Directed Services, which were approved and put into place. This process took many months and benefited from our Clinical Team’s expertise and support.

Tamara was eventually able to help Rayne locate an apartment, worked on getting her a subsidy, and found staff for the new space. When the COVID-19 crisis hit, the process was paused. The new budget for Rayne’s case needed to be approved by OPWDD in order for her to be able to move.

This devastated Rayne, since it seemed like her move might be delayed indefinitely. It was unknown if the landlord would keep the property for her. Tamara made many calls and eventually was able to get everything in place. Rayne moved into her own apartment in May!

“Rayne is thrilled to say the least,” says Tamara. “She is very thankful to her whole team for working together to make this happen so quickly in spite of the crisis.”

Rayne has had items delivered to furnish her home. Tamara also made sure that overnight staff were set up, helping keep Rayne safe and empowered.

“Person Centered Services has some very awesome leadership,” says Tamara, who is grateful for her co-workers. “The support of my supervisor during this time was critical.”

Our company has been proud to support people like Rayne throughout the pandemic!