Five Person Centered Services Employees to Present at 2019 Developmental Disabilities Day

The Developmental Disabilities Alliance of WNY (DDAWNY) is hosting the 31st Annual Developmental Disabilities Day (DD Day) on May 30.

DD Day is a full-day conference that brings together members of the WNY DD community such as agencies, direct care workers, families, individuals, vendors and more. The conference schedule includes an awards luncheon, keynote speaker, agency and vendor fair, a live performance from musician Gaelynn Lea, and numerous innovative workshops.

This year, five Person Centered Services employees will present workshop sessions on various topics from Care Coordination to the importance of self-care and mental health. Here’s what you can expect from each Person Centered Services workshop:

Karen Keyes headshot.Working Together to Make a Difference

Presented by Karen Keyes, Regional Director of Care Coordination

The way services are coordinated for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities has evolved since New York State’s Medicaid Service Coordination program transitioned to Care Coordination almost a year ago. Presented in collaboration with Prime Care New York, the other CCO in our region, this workshop will address the changes that took place over the past 18 months and how we continue to work together with our agency partners and providers to keep providing high quality care, support and services to those we support.

Kristin Rhodes headshot.The Managed Care Transition for Agencies

Presented by Kristin Rhodes, Agency Relations Manager

The first step in the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities’ (OPWDD) plan to improve service delivery for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities was transitioning from Medicaid Service Coordination to Care Coordination. Managed care is OPWDD’s next step in this process. This presentation will discuss the changing landscape of service coordination and how the transition to managed care will impact agencies both culturally and operationally.

Alan Venesky headshot.Life After High School: One Man’s Journey to Employment

Presented by Alan Venesky, Community Relations Manager

At 21 years old, Brian Green knew he wanted to find a job as his next step in life after graduating from high school. In this presentation, Alan and Brian will talk about what it takes to find, obtain, and maintain employment, as well as how Brian and his support team worked together to prepare him to be successful in the workforce.

Shannon Bryant headshot.Caring for Caregivers

Presented by Shannon Bryant, LMHC, Director of Learning and Development

At Person Centered Services our mission is to connect people to the care, support and opportunities that maximize their quality of life. This not only applies to those we serve but also to each of our 730 employees. Self-care and mental health are important, especially for those working in a support and helping profession such as direct support or care coordination. This workshop will open the conversation around self-care and mental health as a way to encourage others to maximize their quality of life.

Amy Peters headshot.What is “behavioral health” anyway?

Presented by Amy Peters, Director of Strategic and Clinical Operations

Behavioral health is a term used commonly throughout the human services field, but what exactly does it mean? This workshop will identify and explain current trends in behavioral health that can be found in people with developmental disabilities. In addition to discussing data and trends in behavioral health, Amy will provide basic strategies that may be effective in supporting those with behavioral health and developmental disability needs.


DD Day will be held from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Niagara Falls Convention Center. Visit to register