Person Centered Spotlight: Meet Richard

Richard holding up his soccer cleats posing next to Care Coordinator Krista holding a soccer ball.

Richard showing off his Special Olympics medal with his care coordinator, Krista.

Everyone dreams of being an Olympian at some point in their life. For Richard, his dream was no different, and that dream became a reality in 2017 when he joined the Special Olympics New York – Western Region soccer team.

When Krista Brairton, Richard’s care coordinator at Person Centered Services, began working with Richard in 2017, he had already made it a goal of his to join the Special Olympics. Krista describes Richard as always being diligent and consistent in reaching his goal and was happy to lend a guiding hand.

“I only assisted Richard with submitting the forms,” Krista said. “He did all of the rest!”

Krista is proud of Richard because he’s achieving his goal and following through with something that he wholeheartedly loves and enjoys.

“Richard is a very independent and kindhearted individual, “ Krista said. “This is a HUGE success for him!”

Since joining the team in June 2017, Richard has participated in several soccer games. He’s even had the opportunity to go on overnight trips out of town with his team. He plans to join the Special Olympics floor hockey team this winter.

Action shot of Richard kicking a ball in a Special Olympics soccer game.

Richard playing in the 2018 Special Olympics New York – Western Regional soccer game this August. (Picture via Special Olympics NY)

Way to go, Richard! Your passion for reaching your goals and your success with the Special Olympics is inspiring to all of us!