Person Centered Spotlight: James, Gabby and Karyn

Helping people reach their goals is what Care Coordination is all about! Moving out on your own is a common goal for many people, and James, Gabby and Karyn all had that in common. After expressing to their Care Coordinator Julie Glover their desire to move out and live independently, Julie got to work helping put the wheels in motion.

Julie helped James, Gabby and Karyn each search for apartments that fit their needs, and they all successfully moved into new apartments in the spring of 2019. Julie also helped secure grant funding so all three could purchase new furniture and other essentials to furnish their new homes. Here’s a little summary about James, Gabby and Karyn, and how each of them are liking their new apartments:

James sitting in a chair in his new apartment.


James was living in an apartment building that he was not happy in and expressed to Julie that he wanted to move. After finding out about new apartments in a complex that were set aside for people with OPWDD eligibility James was interested in applying. Julie then assisted James in filling out the application and getting approved for the apartment.

James was the first individual with a qualifying disability to move into one of the apartment building’s 10 available apartments! He’s very excited and happy with his new living situation, has met many new friends, and most importantly, he feels comfortable. When asked how he likes his new apartment, James said “I love it!”

Gabby sitting in a wheelchair at her table inside her new apartment.


Gabby is 20 years old and graduated in June 2018. One of her goals was to move out on her own and be independent with self-directed services through the Racker Center. Gabby officially completed her goal to move out independently and into her very own place on in April 2019. She also met her goal to get self-directed services 24/7 in her apartment.

A rock painted by Gabby in pink with the words "you can" written on it.

A rock painted by Gabby in bright colors with the words "be you" on it.

Gabby enjoys doing crafts and making inspirational painted rocks to display at the apartment grounds for everyone to see.  Other tenants have commented on Gabby’s beautiful rocks and like to walk around to look and read them. Gabby has met many of her neighbors and has become friends with many of them.


Karyn sitting in a recliner chair inside of her new apartment.

Karyn is 38 years old and recently moved from supportive apartments to her own apartment in March 2019, completing her goal to move out on her own and live independently. Karyn also receives community habilitation services through The Arc of Chemung to assist her in her independent living skills.