Partnership Created to Improve Care For People with Developmental Disabilities

Three organizations have joined forces to lead the transformation of health care and other services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities across New York State.

The three entities – Advance Care Alliance, LIFEPlan, and Person Centered Services – currently coordinate care for approximately 65,000 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, covering all 62 counties in the state. They have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to create a person-centered, comprehensive health-care solution that will expand health care and services options for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

With a strong partnership that reaches to every corner of the state, the collaboration will leverage the group’s size, expertise, and geographical reach to expand health-care choices, incentivize and train providers, increase preventative care and ultimately improve outcomes.

It will use the group’s long history of serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and combine it with a world class health-care network, with the goal of helping people live fully inclusive lives in their communities and offering individuals and families improved quality of life.

The collaboration, according to the CEOs from all three entities, will make sure proven, experienced Care Coordination Organizations in every part of the state are driving the future of care, and that individuals and families are offered more choice while being empowered to make their own health-care decisions. The partnership comes in the wake of New York’s announced transformation plan that includes a transition to Medicaid managed care.    

The partners represent the largest network of I/DD service providers in New York, with over 200 affiliated non-profit agencies. The three organizations combined employ over 2,000 dedicated care managers serving 65,000 people, with offices and a significant presence in every region of the state.  This means they can offer non-profit values with best-in-class services, making sure a move to managed care can still reflect the values of the community being served.

The first step in the state’s Office for People With Developmental Disabilities’ restructuring of the system came on July 1, 2018, when it broadened the care coordination model to a Health Home system, centering all support services in one place through the creation of Care Coordination Organizations (CCOs).

All three entities in the new partnership are CCOs, already providing person-centered care management, planning and coordination tailored specifically to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“I’m very excited to learn that providers I know and am comfortable with are working together to expand and improve services, and to lead change,” said Fran Burnham, the mother of an adult with developmental disabilities. “This feels like the best-case scenario to keep consistency in my daughter’s daily life, which she needs, but also help improve the care we receive.”

The new partnership will ensure that experienced Care Coordination organizations are driving the formation of the state’s required provider-led Specialized I/DD Plans (SIPs).

Advance Care Alliance coordinates care for people in 10 counties in the downstate area.  Person Centered Services currently reaches to 18 counties in the western region of the state; and LIFEPlan CCO NY serves individuals in 38 counties across the northern, central, and southern part of the state, and the Hudson Valley.