A Note from the CEO

To Individuals and Families:

As you know, the delivery of Medicaid services in New York State for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities is changing quickly. OPWDD’s first step toward managed care was the new expanded Care Coordination Organization model and the creation of companies like ours.
Now, as OPWDD holds public forums this week to begin rolling out its plans for managed care, Person Centered Services is very happy to announce that our organization has entered an important partnership that positions us as leading the future model of care.

We announced this week that Person Centered Services has joined forces with two other CCOs – Advance Care Alliance and LIFEPlan — to form a partnership that will lead the transformation of health care and other services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities across New York State!

Combined, the three entities currently coordinate care for approximately 65,000 individuals, covering all 62 counties in the state.

We are supported by providers who have a long history of serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. We understand the needs of our members and their families, and we believe we are best to lead New York State’s efforts to incorporate the best of managed care into our services. We want you to know that when it comes to the impending move to managed care in New York State, we have a plan and as always, it’s with YOU at the center.

We want to expand your choice of health-care services, providers, and options, not limit them. We want to enhance your choice of medical, dental, behavioral health and community-based providers. We want to ensure that your services are coordinated by organizations who are vested in your communities — not by organizations or corporations that are not familiar with you or your unique needs.

The care that we provide you today is NOT changing. We wanted you to have the exciting news immediately, but this is a vision and plan for several years into the future, and one that we’re entering to ensure the best in services and care for you and your family member.

Thank you for choosing Person Centered Services.

Bridget Bartolone, CEO
Person Centered Services