A Message About Racism From Our CEO

The core values of Person Centered Services – People, Integrity, and Trust – drive all that we do. We are heartbroken by the recent examples of racism and its legacy in communities across the country.

We are a company focused on taking care of people. Taking care of people is the reason we exist. That means supporting more than 17,000 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in our region, as well as our workforce of 730 employees. We stand for anti-racism, change, and inclusion, and we will not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

Our employees work inside many different communities, advocating for people who often cannot advocate for themselves. Through Care Coordination, we promote and support individuals and their unique abilities, knowing that every person deserves a fulfilling life. This is serious work that is magnified by color, disability, and economics. We pledge to use this experience to do better in striving for equality, justice, and opportunities for all people, of all races, in all communities.

Knowing that current events are an opportunity, Person Centered Services will act by implementing internal diversity and inclusion programming for employees, urging and supporting open dialogue on the subjects of race and inclusion, and spending time, effort and resources on anti-racism and diversity training.

Person Centered Services denounces prejudice and bias and we are, as always, committed to People, Integrity, and Trust.

Thank you,

Bridget Bartolone
Chief Executive Officer