Intake Specialist’s Persistence Pays Off

Christina Pagan has worked with Luz, a 53-year-old woman from Puerto Rico for nearly a year. Luz has an intellectual disability and has lived with family her entire life.

When her mother passed away last year, Luz was placed in the care of her brother. It has been difficult for him to provide long-term assistance because of his own pressing health needs.

The family connected with Person Centered Services and Christina worked very hard to get the individual eligible for OPWDD. This was challenging as Luz does not have functional language skills.

With the help of extended family, Christina was able to obtain an old psychological evaluation from Puerto Rico, which was done in 1976. The record was in Spanish only and was submitted to OPWDD, but they requested a new psychological evaluation as well as an adaptive assessment be completed. COVID-19 made this necessary testing difficult to schedule and our Clinical Team stepped in to help support the process.

Recently, Luz was found eligible for OPWDD! Christina has since helped the family connect with a Care Coordinator, Joel Berg, and completed a referral for urgent residential placement.

“This one took a VILLAGE to complete and I want to give kudos to Amy Peters in Clinical Services for assisting me with this,” says Christina.

We wish Luz the very best as she seeks new services and opportunities with support from Person Centered Services!