OPWDD Guidances and COVID-19 Resources

The New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) has released guidelines allowing for the resumption of home visits, community outings and day services, as well as returning to residential settings following extended home visits. The guidelines will be effective July 15, 2020 for regions of the State that have entered into Phase Four in accordance with the New York Forward Reopening Plan.

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Reopening Day Program Services Guidance **Updated**

Home Visit Guidance

Return to Residence Following an Extended Stay Guidance

Community Outings Guidance**Updated**

Staff Guidance for the Management of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Facilities or Programs Operated and/or Certified by the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities **Updated**

Health Advisory: Protocols for Personnel in Clinical and Direct Care Settings to Return to Work Following COVID-19 Exposure or Infection **Updated**

Interim Guidance Regarding In-Person Services at Article 16 Clinics Operated and/or Certified by the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD)

Revised COVID-19 Day Habilitation Guidance

Revised Interim COVID-19 Guidance Regarding Community Habilitation Services

Revised Interim COVID-19 Guidance Regarding Prevocational Services

Interim COVID-19 Guidance Regarding Pathway to Employment

Interim COVID-19 Guidance Regarding Respite

Interim COVID-19 Guidance Regarding Supported Employment

To date, Care Coordinators will continue to offer services remotely, with special exceptions made through existing approval processes. We will let families know when new guidelines surrounding Care Coordination and face-to-face meetings are released.

See the full list of OPWDD guidance documents.


OPWDD COVID-19 Resources in Plain Language

With the input of self-advocates, OPWDD has created several informational aids and resource materials that will help ensure everyone understands basic information about COVID-19 and OPWDD’s response to it.

All these materials are accessible from the COVID-19 In Plain Language resource page on the OPWDD website.