Finding a New Home

The Belcher family received a new home through the support of Person Centered Services!
Two of our Care Coordinators, Kristi Jayne and Gena Morales, combined forces to support a family in need. The Belcher family were seeking a new home and, with the help of our Care Coordinators, found the perfect place!
Kristi has worked with Gloria Belcher for five years, while Gena has worked with her adult son, Jason, for three. The Belchers lived in an old trailer that needed a new water tank and other repairs. It was a long process to find a better place the family could afford to rent.
Finding a new home became even more essential when Jason was required to have a larger residence so he could gain joint custody of his son. There were not enough bedrooms in their existing place for his son to have a space of his own.
Kristi and Gena worked together 3-4 times a week, going out of their way to find a house the Belchers could afford. It needed to be a walkable distance from grocery stores and pharmacies. Eventually, the Care Coordinators located a trailer park that had been newly renovated and featured a ranch-style house that was accessible and had the number of bedrooms required.
Because they were able to find a larger house, Jason was awarded joint custody of his son. Gena had gone into court to support Jason during this process. Now Jason’s son is thriving at his new home.
“Kristi and Gena have helped a lot,” says Gloria Belcher. “The new place has four bedrooms — I love it! It’s so nice and quiet here. My grandson can ride his bike and we get to the store quickly.”
Additionally, Kristi and Gena helped secure a $300 Walmart gift card for the family through Alyssa’s Angels. They also brought over crayons, pencils, and other extra supplies to help support the grandson during the COVID-19 pandemic.
“They did what they said they were gonna do,” says Jason. “They helped me with my kid. They found us this beautiful place that I love.”
Kristi and Gena continue to empower the family and their goals, securing opportunities that allow them to flourish in their new home and beyond.