Employee Spotlight: Brandi DiMatteo

Brandi DiMatteo is a Care Coordinator based in Albion who serves individuals in Orleans County. Her work helps empower families, connecting people to the care, support and opportunities that maximize their quality of life.

How long have you been with Person Centered Services?

I have been employed with Person Centered Services since October of 2019.

How did you first hear about the company?

I first heard about Person Centered Services from a friend who is employed with the company!

What is your favorite thing about working at Person Centered Services?

My favorite aspect about being employed with Person Centered ServicesĀ is that it allows me the ability to still be a mom while maintaining a career.

How does your work help Person Centered Services thrive?

My work helps Person Centered Services thrive by creating irreplaceable relationships with individuals and families. In the future, this will encourage others to create new relationships with the organization.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work or what is one interesting fact people may not know about you?

I am a mother of twins, named Jace and Braelyn. They are 6 years old and keep me on my toes. They both race flattrack motorcycles, therefore a lot of our time is spent at the race track on the weekends. Last July, Jace received his national number one in the 50cc class. This is a huge accomplishment for a child this age as he competed against other racers from all over the country. Braelyn, although young, manages to juggle both racing with her brother and taking four dance disciplines on a weekly basis. As a family we also enjoy camping. We love to travel around and see different places. During my spare time, I also have a side business of event planning and love to craft!

Care Coordinators like Brandi make a major difference in the lives of the people we serve!