Care Coordination at Work: Detrice and Samantha

Detrice (left) with her son, Tyler, and Care Coordinator, Samantha (right).

When Care Coordinator Samantha Andrews first met Detrice, she was living with her 1-year-old son, Tyler, in her mother’s home; a home with no running water or heat, among other problems.

Samantha was determined to help Detrice, who is 23, live the safe, healthy and fulfilling life that she deserved. Detrice and Samantha worked together to find new living quarters and a new representative to help Detrice manage her benefits. Samantha accompanied her on many, many trips to the Social Security office to straighten out her benefits. Samantha advocated for her because, Detrice said, they did not believe her when she explained the issues she was facing.

Today, thanks to Detrice and Samantha’s persistence and partnership, Detrice and Tyler now live in a modern apartment in Lackawanna run by Community Services for Every1.  Samantha helped her get utilities set up, and to coordinate services so that Detrice could go shopping for a new couch, bed and other furniture.

Detrice says she finds her new living situation comfortable and safe, and a nice place for Tyler. She likes the landlord and friendly neighbors, and Tyler enjoys the playground. Samantha even found someone to donate a crib for Tyler. Samantha also worked with her to receive some training on parenting and child care training from the Buffalo Prenatal-Perinatal Network.

Even though she now has her own bedroom, a full kitchen, and friends in her building with whom she sometimes has potluck dinners, Detrice was most excited about the fact that her apartment had running water and gave her the ability to control visitors in her home – both things she lacked in her previous home.

Samantha remains a strong advocate for Detrice, especially when any issue big or small arises with her new living situation. “Detrice would like a job,” Samantha said, “so that’s next on the agenda.” Samantha is working with her on budgeting, so that she can get her finances together herself.

In fact, the two work together on all aspects of Detrice’s life.  Though it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, through it all Samantha never lost sight of her true purpose: to provide Detrice with the resources and services that would improve her quality of life.

Samantha’s positive creativity, hard work and dedication have made an incredible difference in Detrice’s life!