Employee Spotlight: Cody Clark

Cody Clark is a Care Coordinator based in Newark. He serves individuals living in Wayne County and beyond, connecting them to the resources and support they need.

How long have you been with Person Centered Services?

I started working for Person Centered Services in July 2018.

How did you first hear about the company?

I actually heard about Person Centered Services completely by accident. I had initially interviewed for a position through The Arc of Wayne. After the interview was done, the people conducting the interview thought that I would be a good fit as a Care Coordinator and so they passed along my resume. I was not even 100% sure what I was interviewing for exactly, but now two years have passed and I can honestly say that it was a happy accident and great experience!

What is your favorite thing about working at Person Centered Services?

My favorite thing about working for Person Centered Services is the people I work with — both co-workers and the individuals on my caseload. My co-workers have been nothing but supportive and the single greatest asset to my learning and becoming a better Care Coordinator. I have asked about 5 million questions and learned so much in the last two years. All my questions have been answered and this can be attributed to those I work with, especially those within my team and my supervisor.  I also love the individuals that I work with. Some interactions have been more of a challenge than others, but they have all been rewarding. Whether we have worked together for two years or two weeks, I have enjoyed creating that bond with those that I work with. I take immense pride in observing their growth and success, big or small, and will continue help support their success however I can.

How does your work help Person Centered Services thrive?

I think that my work helps Person Centered Services thrive because I work to support the individuals I serve and their families any way that I can. Any small question or random need — give me a call and let’s figure something out together! I put the people that I work with, their feelings and desires, first and strive to help them achieve their goals. I work to develop strong relationships with the other agencies I interact with in order to promote and provide the best possible support for those we serve. I try to show that Person Centered Services is exactly what it sounds like –person centered.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work or what is one interesting fact people may not know about you?

Well, the weeks are generally full of phone calls, video chats, Life Plans and notes, so when I am not working I am a big fan of doing as little as possible! When I am not being the ultimate coach potato and watching endless hours of Netflix, I like getting out for hikes, and maybe taking a look around all the great breweries and wineries the region has to offer. Also, typically my go-to interesting fact is that I am Canadian, BUT I also recently got a fantastically cute, yet terribly over energetic kitten! COVID-19 definitely pushed the “adopt a cat” idea onto our household quicker than anticipated and it has been an interesting six months. While she continues to pretend she is in training for the next episode of American Ninja Warrior by leaping off every surface in my house, or sprinting at full speed over my body at 3am, she has been a welcome addition and definitely takes up the majority of my free time as of late!

Person Centered Services appreciates the work of Care Coordinators like Cody and all they do empower and assist the individuals support!