Leanne Shares Her Perspectives in a Renowned Magazine

Leanne Strong is an accomplished writer who has published six articles in Autism Parenting Magazine! Her work offers an insider’s perspective on topics that impact people with autism. Leanne’s most recent article, “Reporting vs Tattling: Teaching Kids With Autism When to Tell a Trusted Adult,” was featured in Autism Parenting Magazine’s latest issue. Autism Parenting Magazine has been praised by author … Read More

Preparing For Life After High School

Join us for the next installment of our Hot Topics webinar series! Learn what every parent of a child with intellectual and development disabilities needs to know to prepare for life after high school. The webinar will cover: Creating awareness of choices Getting emotionally prepared How to self-advocate through the journey Please register for Preparing for Life After High School … Read More

Two Individuals We Support Show Their Talent

Care Coordinator Julie Hamann works with two extraordinary individuals who have been making the most of life during the COVID-19 pandemic! Dan Hoyles and Josh Cobb both have found ways to express themselves and make the world a brighter place. Dan Hoyles loves to give back to his community. Usually, he helps others by volunteering for Meals on Wheels. “Community … Read More

OPWDD Guidances and COVID-19 Resources

The New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) has released guidelines allowing for the resumption of home visits, community outings and day services, as well as returning to residential settings following extended home visits. The guidelines will be effective July 15, 2020 for regions of the State that have entered into Phase Four in accordance with the … Read More

A Message on Flu Vaccines

Person Centered Services is dedicated to the health and well-being of our staff and the people we serve. In today’s world, it is more important than ever to maintain your health. Please get a flu vaccine! If you have any questions on where to get a flu shot, please reach out to your Care Coordinator for assistance. For the full … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Kayla Lewis

Kayla Lewis is a Rochester-based Care Coordinator. She works in a float position, filling in the gaps for cases that need support in Monroe County. Kayla helps advocate for the people she serves during these periods of transition. How long have you been with Person Centered Services? I have been with Person Centered Services since the beginning of its launch date … Read More

Voting and Care Coordination

Care Coordinators can support individuals who wish to vote! Learn the guidelines from the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) and upcoming deadlines related to voting. OPWDD Assistance Guidelines: Care Coordinators can assist individuals with registering to vote and voting. However, they… MUST be neutral about their political preference or party enrollment; May NOT make statements or take actions that … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Ashley Rodgers

Ashley Rodgers is an Intake Specialist based in West Seneca. Her vital work helps connect individuals to Care Coordination, assisting them with the eligibility and enrollment process. She is a key advocate for those seeking Care Coordination support. How long have you been with Person Centered Services? I have been employed with Person Centered Services since June 21, 2018. What would … Read More

Advocating for James

Roxanne, a Care Coordinator at our company, has worked with James for almost 17 years. When she first met him, James had a behavior plan with many restrictions. He could not use a phone independently or access his bank account numbers. He was not allowed to have any home or community alone time. He needed support staff with him on … Read More

Explaining COVID-19 in Plain Language

Office for People with Developmental Disabilities

With the input of self-advocates, the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) has created several informational aids and resource materials that will help ensure everyone understands basic information about COVID-19 and OPWDD’s response to it: “COVID-19 In Plain Language,” a document available in multiple languages that explains how the virus is transmitted and how to stay safe and stop … Read More