Care Coordination at Work: Daniela and Dominic

Dominic and Daniela pose side by side.

Dominic (left) and Daniela (right) pose for a photo.

A little positivity can go a long way – just take it from Daniela and Dominic!

When care coordinator Dominic Seidel met Daniela Lathey in November 2018, she was in the process of starting self-direction and getting ready to move into a two-bedroom apartment with her friend at a new apartment complex.

“Dominic worked very hard by Daniela’s side to create a smooth transition, helped establish funding so she could maintain her new home and even helped her obtain funds to furnish it,” says Jennifer Clark, Dominic’s supervisor.

Daniela is always a pleasure to work with, says Dominic, who’s been extremely impressed by her ability to remain positive even when she’s faced with a challenge.

Dominic witnessed this first hand when Daniela encountered a few different challenges moving into her new apartment. She met her first big bump in the road when she was unable to get Wi-Fi because the apartment’s address wasn’t registered with the internet company.

“This was especially difficult for Daniela because she needs Wi-Fi for an app that helps her use her phone more independently,” Dominic says. “While most people would be frustrated, Daniela took this in stride.”

Daniela and her roommate spent the next few days communicating with both the internet company and apartment complex to resolve the issue.

When Dominic came to Daniela’s apartment to check on how things were going, he found her and her roommate on the phone with the internet company.

“I fully expected to hear them voicing their frustrations,” says Dominic. “But instead I walked into a conversation where Daniela was speaking to the worker about what video games he liked, and explaining that she understood getting the address registered would take time.”

The next obstacle that Dominic and Daniela tackled was the task of furnishing the apartment. With little supplies to begin with, Daniela remained both patient and positive as she worked diligently with her team to apply for an ISS transition stipend to assist her in furnishing her new home.

“Dominic goes above and beyond his care coordinator duties with extensive communication continually following up to ensure [Daniela] has everything that she needs,” says Jennifer.

As of now, Daniela has been approved for the transition stipend, has submitted her ISS budget and is in the process of waiting for her new supplies to be delivered to her apartment.

Even with great need to buy a variety of items with her stipend, Daniela could not help but think of others.

“After returning her completed budget to me I noticed she hadn’t spent the full amount granted to her, so I let her know that she could get more items,” says Dominic. “Daniela immediately responded saying that she had more than enough and would like to allow someone in more need to use the rest of her stipend.”

Though Dominic explained to Daniela that her stipend didn’t work this way and that she should utilize all the money granted to her, Daniela stood firm in saying that she didn’t need anything more. Her hope was that this money could be put to good use to help others in situations like hers.

Between Daniela’s positivity and kind heart and Dominic’s commitment to helping and advocating for Daniela, the two make a great team.

“Daniela has refused to allow her circumstances to bring her down and continues to see the good in every situation,” says Dominic. “She is an example for all of us to remember that a little bit of positivity goes a long way.”

Photo: Dominic Seidel is pictured on the left with Daniela.