Employee Spotlight: Kayla Lewis

Kayla Lewis is a Rochester-based Care Coordinator. She works in a float position, filling in the gaps for cases that need support in Monroe County. Kayla helps advocate for the people she serves during these periods of transition. How long have you been with Person Centered Services? I have been with Person Centered Services since the beginning of its launch date … Read More

A Triumph for Devyn and Her Dog

When Priscilla, a Care Coordinator at Person Centered Services, first began working with Devyn and her family, they were in the middle of a long battle with a school district that discriminated against her and her service animal. Devyn’s dog, Rubin, was needed to assist with her neurological disability by detecting Devyn’s seizures before they occurred. The school would not let her bring the dog … Read More

Winter & COVID-19 Webinar

Join us for the next installment of our HOT TOPICS webinar series: “Winter & COVID: Be in the Know Before the Snow.” Our experts will help you learn how to prepare for the winter months ahead and make sure you and your loved ones have the knowledge you need. The discussion will feature guest presenters Frank Cammarata from the Erie … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Patrick Harrison

Patrick Harrison is a Care Coordinator based in Elmira who serves individuals throughout Chemung County. As a Tier 4 Care Coordinator, he supports people with higher needs, connecting them to the services that help them reach their full potential. How long have you been with Person Centered Services? I started on July 2, 2018. How did you first hear about the company? … Read More

Voting and Care Coordination

Care Coordinators can support individuals who wish to vote! Learn the guidelines from the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) and upcoming deadlines related to voting. OPWDD Assistance Guidelines: Care Coordinators can assist individuals with registering to vote and voting. However, they… MUST be neutral about their political preference or party enrollment; May NOT make statements or take actions that … Read More

Jake Gets Behind the Wheel

Since Jake was a little boy, he enjoyed driving lawn mowers and anything that allowed him to get behind the wheel. As a child, he drove Power Wheels vehicles and even owned a gas-powered go-kart! As soon as Jake turned 16, he went to the DMV and obtained his permit. After this step, Megan, a Care Coordinator at Person Centered … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Ashley Rodgers

Ashley Rodgers is an Intake Specialist based in West Seneca. Her vital work helps connect individuals to Care Coordination, assisting them with the eligibility and enrollment process. She is a key advocate for those seeking Care Coordination support. How long have you been with Person Centered Services? I have been employed with Person Centered Services since June 21, 2018. What would … Read More

Health, Wellness & the Value of Your Life Plan Webinar

Join us for the next installment of our HOT TOPICS webinar series: “Health, Wellness and the Value of Your Life Plan.” Our experts will discuss “the why” behind the Life Plan, and how it can help you or your loved one live a healthy, fulfilling life! Below are links to register. Please note that each of the webinars will cover … Read More

Advocating for James

Roxanne, a Care Coordinator at our company, has worked with James for almost 17 years. When she first met him, James had a behavior plan with many restrictions. He could not use a phone independently or access his bank account numbers. He was not allowed to have any home or community alone time. He needed support staff with him on … Read More