Employee Spotlight: Mattia Lacagnina

Employee Spotlight

Mattia Lacagnina is the Recruiter for Person Centered Services, onboarding both Corporate and Care Coordination positions. Her work helps us secure quality candidates, keeping us well-staffed and successful! How long have you been with Person Centered Services? I started working with Person Centered Services in October of 2019. What would you like people to know about your role and the work you … Read More

Clowning Around: Andrew Follows His Dreams with Care Coordinator Support

 By the age of two, Andrew Fronczak was obsessed with clowns.  While some children are afraid of them, Andrew found their jokes and tricks hilarious. “When he was a kid he went trick-or-treating as a clown,” says Mike Fronczak, Andrew’s father.  “He’s always wanted to become one.” Now at 32, Andrew is pursuing his longtime goal of performing as … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Chiquita Favors

Chiquita Favors is a Care Coordinator based in Buffalo who serves individuals throughout Erie County. Care Coordination, which involves linking people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to the resources and referrals they need, is at the core of Person Centered Services’ work. People like Chiquita help us empower over 17,000 individuals, making a key difference in so many lives. How … Read More

Rayne Finds a New Home

Rayne wanted to get her own apartment after she was unable to return to college last fall when nursing services there were discontinued. She worked on this big step with her Care Coordinator, Tamara, who searched for a place that suited her needs. First, Rayne needed two Personal Care aids for the new apartment, roles that were difficult to secure. She also required Community … Read More