Care Coordination at Work: Brayden, Grace and Wendy

Care Coordinator Wendy smiles hugging Brayden.

Grace Davis describes her son Brayden as being a “bolter” when he was young. Brayden, who’s non-verbal, had a tendency to wander and run off, giving Grace and her husband great concerns for his safety. Today, Brayden wears a special tracking device through Project Lifesaver, which not only helps in the event of an emergency, but provides Grace a constant … Read More

John the Custom Woodworker

John posing next to the wood lade in his workshop in front of a wall of other tools.

John Siradas has his own custom woodworking business where he creates one-of-a-kind items. As a custom craftsman, John makes and sells products such as pens, bottle stoppers, pepper mills, ice cream scoops, bowls and lamps. These items can take anywhere from an hour to a whole day to create. “His pieces are phenomenal and unique,” says Leigh Colangelo, a Care … Read More